No windows?!?!

Having just installed Pi-Hole, I made an interesting observation as I analysed what is running on my home network… Ever since late 2016 I’ve been moving to linux or apple OS’s. Now I don’t have a single windows machine. With the exception of the XBox One, everything is linux, or android, MacOS or iOS. For […]

For $350, the Yoga 710 is a great linux 2:1

If you’re looking for an inexpensive 2:1 to run Linux I would highly recommend the Yoga 710, 11.6″. I found an open box deal from BestBuy at $350 and eBay has plenty of them running form $300-400. For that price you get a solidly built fanless 2:1 laptop, with  4 cores, 4GB Ram and 128GB […]

DynamicRestProxy Documentation

Just published some documentation for DynamicRestProxy: As of right now still a work in process but hopefully helps those using this library.

Orthodox C++

It’s been quite some time since anyone has paid me to write C++, but once upon a time they actually did. Since that time, at least watching questions on StackOverflow, “modern” C++ has seemed increasingly foreign and arcane. Excessive meta-programming, compile time evaluation, references, traits, autos, lamdas, move constructors… Seems like one has to spend more […]

DigitalOcean Tutorials Pretty Much Rock

DigitalOcean tutorials are one of their best features (which is saying a lot as managing a VPS there is cheap and easy). There look to be hundreds of them, they are concise and explicit. From setting up and hardening Ubuntu, to installing the LEMP stack and WordPress, they made getting this site going a snap. Kudos […]

From GUI to CLI

So thus far I’m running an Ubuntu desktop on a Chromebook (mostly to play around with VSCode and dotnetcore) and this here Linux VPS running wordpress. Now I’m not a 100% *nix noob but pretty close. The last time I really interacted with a Unix system in a meaningful way was college (SCO and Irix). My first observation […]

Sigh… linux

I suppose it’s about time to finally really, really (no really I mean it this time) learn Linux. I’ve installed Linux multiple times over the years. I’ve compiled the kernel. Configured X windows by hand. Run unity, kde and gnome desktops. I’ve never actually done anything useful with Linux though. I install it, screw around with it a […]